Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat

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Product Details:

Keep your dog warm and dry this winter with the Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat. This dog raincoat is constructed of 100% lightweight waterproof outer fabric and features a vibrant yellow color with a transparent brimmed hood design to keep your dog's eyes dry while allowing maximum visibility. The Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat is designed to look fashionable whilst keeping your dog dry and comfy in the outdoors or in rainy conditions. 

This waterproof dog coat is constructed of quality outdoor sports fabrics that have been manufactured in a unique way to make it highly durable and lightweight.

Going out in the rain with our waterproof dog coat can provide the most comprehensive protection for your dog throughout the rainy and winter season and your dog will enjoy playing in the rain while wearing the Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat.


Key Benefits:

🐾  DESIGN - The Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat is made entirely of water-resistant material. In the rain, the lightweight outer fabric will keep your dog dry and offers optimal ventilation to keep your dog comfortable. 

 🐾  EASY TO PUT ON AND TAKE OFF- The hedging design of the waterproof dog coat makes it simple to put on and take off the Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat without requiring your dog to raise their legs. It also includes a longer velcro strip for a better fit. This raincoat has a hood and a longer base to keep your pet dry and comfortable even in the heaviest of downpours.

🐾  COLLAR HOLE- The Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat allows a dog collar or vest harness to be connected to the leash through the collar hole on the back neck section for greater and more flexible control.

🐾  ADJUSTABLE ABDOMINAL BAND- Your dog's stomach can be protected from rain and cold by the abdominal protection design. The adjustable strap is easy to put on and take off and may be adjusted to a comfortable position to accommodate the dog's body shape.

 Size Chart:


What's Included In The Package:

1 x Yellow Waterproof Dog Raincoat