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Colourful Double-Ended Dog Leash

Product Details

 This Colourful Double-Ended Dog Leash is perfect for owners of multiple dogs. No longer will you have to hold two separate leashes, combine two into one with the sturdy nylon dog leash. This leash is perfect for smaller dogs and dog daycares

Why choose the Colourful Double-Ended Dog Leash?

  • Easy to clean - The Nylon material used for the colourful double-ended dog leash is very easy to clean and because nylon resists absorbing moisture, it dries very easily.
  • Strong and Lightweight - The colourful double-ended dog leash is strong and can resist the tension of a pulling dog and the lightweight material makes this leash easy to hold.
  • Comfort - This leash is designed to be comfortable in your hand and fit your hand in order to increase grip and control.