Waterproof Rear Back Pet Dog Car Seat Cover

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This waterproof cover for your rear seats is perfect for dog walkers who take their dogs to certain areas in their car. Simply fold it up over the rear seats and attach the buckles around each headrest to secure it in place. It's so helpful as it stops you from cleaning your car all the time due to your dog being too muddy or wet from walks and is really simple to set up.

Do you ever get the inside of your car dirty because of your dog being muddy or wet from their walk? It’s a big problem that can be a pain to clean every time you take your doggo for a walk especially in the cold and rainy winter.

The Solution? Prevent your dog from getting their muddy paws over the car seats by placing this waterproof seat cover over your rear seats. This is easy to strap into place and stays attached throughout the whole of the drive while also making your furry friend feel comfortable during the journey. It keeps them as safe as possible and thanks to its waterproof material the seat cover is super easy to clean.

SECURE SAFETY BUCKLES TO LOCK THE COVER IN PLACE– Attach the cover to the rear seats by clipping the buckles behind each head rest so it won’t easily slide in the back or cause any discomfort to your favourite animal.

ZIPPER DESIGN ON BOTH SIDES TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOUR DOG TO GET IN & OUT! – Your dog will never have any trouble getting in and out of the car as when you undo the zipper on the side it will provide an ideal entry/exit from the vehicle.

WATERPROOF MATERIAL– It uses waterproof material on every single bit of the cover so that there is no chance of any water leaking through keeping the car as clean as it possibly can.


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