Reflective Raincoat For Dogs

Do you love drying your dog after going out for a walk in the rain? Do you just love spending ages trying to not get your dog to run off or struggle when you try too properly dry them? 

I'm thinking that most of you didn't answer yes to that, so it's good that we have a solution to keep your dog's drier than usual.

This reflective raincoat for dogs can cover your dogs whole body and even has a hood to cover their head. The raincoat is made out of high-quality waterproof material which is 100% ultra-light polyester and has breathable mesh fabric on the inside. This really protects your dog from the harsh winter weather, whether it be rain or snow this can keep your dog drier than ever before. You can keep your dog comfortable in bad weather because your dog hates the fact they have to go out in the cold (unless it's a husky).

Not only is this something to help keep your dogs comfy throughout the winter season it is also really great for taking your dog out for a walk in the night as it has a reflective design so you and other people can easily see your dog. You can either wipe the surface of the raincoat or you can throw it in a washing machine.