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Introducing the Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy that makes cleaning their teeth fun. This toothbrush seems just like a chew toy to most dogs and they are enticed to bite into it because of its sweet smell. Place some dog friendly toothpaste into the center of the brush and as they bite into it their teeth will get cleaned in the process.

Did you know?Studies show that around 80% of dogs experience some level of periodontal disease (gum disease) by the age of 3. This can result in potential loss of teeth or even various infections that can potentially make your precious dog very ill. Periodontal disease is an inflammation that creates the loss of the tissue in the gums, removing the support around the teeth. 

The Solution?Have your dog cleaning their own teeth regularly with this meat flavored dog toothbrush that catches the attention of tonnes of different dog breeds. Dental health becomes fun as it entices your pet to chew this toothbrush making it a form of entertainment to clean their teeth. It has a toothpaste reservoir in the center of the brush, just place some in there and it'll automatically dispense while it gets chewed. 

How to use? All you need to do is to encourage your canine to start using this toothbrush for at least ten minutes a day. This is the best amount of time to make sure your furry friend has perfectly clean teeth and without them getting too bored of using the toothbrush. Taking it back off them when the 10 minutes are up makes it become more of a daily habit that your dear dog will love to adopt.

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✅ MADE OUT OF TOUGH NATURAL NON-TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY: This material is not the type to easily break or be chewed off easily, it's easy on the gums but at the same time is compact enough to not effortlessly fall off. The rubber is made out of natural items and is 100% eco-friendly.

VERY STABLE BASE DESIGNED FOR PAWS TO HOLD: The toothbrush has a stable base for dogs to hold with their paws in order to get a better bite on the rubber brush and to clean their teeth more effectively. 

STRONG AROMA TO ATTRACT YOUR DOG INTO BITING: The device lets off a strong meaty smell to attract your dog into chewing it for simple entertainment purposes. They may believe that something is inside the device even though there isn't, the taste alone will encourage them to keep on biting. 

✅ BEEF FLAVORED TOOTHPASTE THAT REMOVES BAD BREATH- Remove your dogs bad breath with the beef flavored toothpaste that comes with the toothbrush. It also helps whiten their teeth to make their smile look even more beautiful, prevent tooth decay and oral diseases with this very healthy toothpaste.



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