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Do you ever struggle cleaning up after your dog's waste? A lot of people find that when they are walking their dogs cleaning up with just a normal dog bag can be a problem. Especially when you don't pick it up correctly and unfortunately get dog poop on your hands. 

This convenient and easy to use pooper scooper for your furry friend makes cleaning up after your pet one of the most simple tasks yet. The inside of the pooper scooper has a non-stick surface so you can make sure that no unwanted waste will linger around in the device.

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TRANSPORTABLE - Do not worry about not being able to carry around this device as it is completely portable. You can hook this effective pooper scooper to your lead without it being much of a problem or getting in your way. 

BUILT-IN WASTE BAG COMPARTMENT - You won't misplace any dog poop bags again as you can just place them into the built-in compartment on the pooper scooper.

EXTENDED SECTION - If your dog likes to cause more of a mess than others, then all you need to do is expand the section at the back to allow more waste to fit in.

DESIGNED TO CLEAN UP WASTE FROM ANY SURFACE - This can clean up poop from any surface no matter what the surface is made out of. The best part about this device is that the dog's waste will go nowhere near your hands, it's completely handsfree.  

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