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Light Up Dog Ball

Product Details

This light up dog ball makes a bunch of sounds and shines bright colours to get your dog's attention no matter what breed they are. The dog ball illuminates and you can see it in the dark so it's perfect for night time walks. It also makes sounds on impact so it's easy for your dog to find out where the light up dog ball will land when you throw it.

The light up dog ball is your dog's new favourite companion to use in the house or on the go.

Why should you choose this light up dog ball?

  • MAKES SOUNDS ON IMPACT -Whenever you throw this ball it will make a sound when it hits anything, this helps your dog locate the ball and also encourages them to chase after this dog ball.
  • LIGHTS UP - This ball lights up once you have thrown it so that your dog can locate it easily, this light up dog ball makes sure it grabs your dogs attention.
  • MADE OUT OF DURABLE MATERIAL - This light up dog ball is made out of durable material that is hard to break so that any dog of any size so your dog won't break it with their teeth.
  • SAFE MATERIAL- The material that is used is completely safe for your dog to bite it is made with non-toxic materials that have no harmful chemicals in to keep your dog as safe as possible when it's time to play.