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1.4 Metre Traction Rope Leash For 2 Dogs

Do you have two dogs and struggle taking them for a walk at the same time? You’re not alone, in fact the American Veterinary Medical Foundation confirms that the 36.5 percent of dog-owning households in the U.S. have 1.6 dogs on average. Meaning there is a large percentage of dog owners that have more than one canine.

Now with our traction rope dog leash for two dogs you’ll never have the problems that come with walking two dogs together on your own. This leash is made out of traction rope and is 1.4 metres long, keeping your dog’s apart so they’re not too close to each other while also keeping great control over them at the same time. Walking both your dogs has never been simpler, you never have to worry about losing control over two of your dog’s thanks to its durable grip and because of it’s strong braided rope.


BEING ABLE TO WALK TWO DOGS AT THE SAME TIME – The most obvious benefit of this leash is that you can control both of your dogs on a walk with just one single leash. No longer will you have to use both hands while walking your dogs and will be able to control both dogs easily.

HEAVY DUTY ROPE – Heavy duty rope made to easily control any type of dog from small to large, it has great traction if you have to grab the leash at any time to bring your dogs to a hault.

STAINLESS STEEL BUCKLES– The highest quality stainless steel that is simple to set up and is made with excellent welding to keep the whole leash in place.