3 in 1 LED Retractable Dog Lead with Garbage Bag

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Introducing The LED Retractable Dog Lead

Walk your dog in the night time with ease with this 3 in 1 LED Retractable Dog Lead that uses 4 high-powered LED light bulbs to allow you to see where you're going. This retractable lead has a length of 4.5 metres so your dog can roam around within reason without the leash pulling them too much. It also comes with a dog waste bag dispenser that is filled with many bags to make sure you're always prepared to go.

Key Benefits

Did you know?Typical dog leads that do not have a long reach can effect the circulation of blood in your dogs neck if you're attaching it to a collar. Dogs that love to run forward and pull on the lead can potentially strangle themselves on their own collar or can cause damage to their neck over time.

The solution?This 3 in 1 LED Retractable Dog Lead is 4.5 metres in length,  meaning that your dog can roam freely without you having to worry about them going too far. Once they get about 4.5 metres forward then the lead will stop retracting, however the closer you get then the shorter the lead will get. 

You also have the option to lock the lead in place at anytime by simply pressing the button at the top of the lead. To leave it locked you just have to press it all the way in and let go, then to release it press the button again then release your finger. 

One of the best features of this lead is the LED torch that is a life saver for when you're walking your furry friend in the pitch black at night. Are you in an area where there is limited street lights? See what your dogs doing at all times with this very bright torch that uses 4 high-powered LED bulbs to guide you on your journey. No longer will you need to have your hands full while out walking your dog at the night with a torch in one hand while also holding the lead at the same time. 

You've also got the dog poo bag dispenser at the bottom of the lead where you can easily pull out a bag with no effort to clean up their waste. No longer do you need to carry around dog bags in your pockets, before taking your dog for a walk all you need to do is attach your canine to the lead and get going!

If you run out of dog bags then don't worry all you have to do is unscrew the dispenser from the lead and replace it with a new roll of dog poo bags. Screw it back in and you're good to go! Walking your dog has never been easier thanks to the 3 1 in LED Retractable Dog Lead.

4.5 METRE LONG DRAWSTRING LEAD -Thankfully this lead expands to around 15 metres so you can let your furry friend walk wherever they chose within reason at a decent pace. 

HIGH-POWERED LED TORCH  - See where you are walking clearly in the night without carrying around too many items thanks to the luminescent torch on the end of the lead. To turn it on just flick the switch on the handle and to power it you'll need to place in two AA batteries (batteries not included).

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO HOLD - This item fits perfectly in your hand and is very comfortable to hold for long periods. It's made out of ABS material and also some polyester, making it a dream to hold. Don't worry about it being too clunky as it's perfect for the amount of features that are included onto it. 

COMES WITH FREE DOG BAGS - A big plus is when you get this product you will not need to go out to the store to buy any dog bags as you have a FREE roll of dog poo bags already loaded in the dispenser! 

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