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Banana Dog Bed

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About Banana Dog Bed

This cute and comfortable banana dog bed is in the shape of a real banana. This high-quality, soft plush dog bed is designed to look good and for comfort, the semi-open lid makes it look like the banana is being peeled open, whilst offering your dog a safe and cozy sleeping spot.

Size Chart:

Small: 40 * 15 * 11cm
Medium: 55 * 20 * 15cm
Large: 68 * 25 * 18cm
XL: 91 * 32 * 19cm

Why should you choose this Banana Dog Bed?

🐾 Cozy and Comfortable - This banana dog bed is made from a high-quality and non-toxic breathable soft plush cotton fleece material, keeping your dog cool and dry in the summer and allowing your dog to enhance their sleep, making this dog bed the perfect sleeping spot for your pup.

🐾 Just a banana? - On the surface, this cozy banana dog bed resembles a banana, but it has a cave-like shape that will make your pet feel like they're in a sheltered sanctuary. As a result, when they're hiding from strangers or unexpected noises, they'll feel calm and collected.

🐾 Available in multiple sizes - This banana dog bed comes in multiple sizes, making this dog bed suitable for both small and medium-sized pups.
🐾  Non-deformable - The firm design of this banana dog bed will keep your pup nestled in all night. It doesn't lose its cute banana shape or collapse quickly, thanks to its three-dimensional modeling design, even after repeated use.



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