Dog Cooling Mat

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Why choose our dog cooling mat?

This dog cooling mat is perfect for your dog in the hot weather and is the best for the summertime. Whether you're just chilling in the house with your dog or going on a long trip in the car with your dog, the cooling mat is perfect for making them feel comfortable. According to veterinarian experts across the world temperatures as low as 20°C (70°F) can lead to your dog having a heatstroke.


As soon as your dog rests onto this cool & comfortable dog cooling mat it gives them an instant chilly effect that is refreshing in unbearable levels of heat. This dog cooling mat is made out of heat-resistant fibers and does not need refrigeration or any cold liquid to be able to make your dog relax in the heat.

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Why use our dog cooling mat?


🐾 COOL & COMFORTABLE -Not only does this mat feel cool at all times for your dog in the summer heat, but it's also super comfortable to encourage them to stay on the mat as much as possible.

🐾 INSTANT COOLING EFFECT -This dog cooling mat is made out of heat-resistant fibers to give your dogs an instant cooling effect as soon as they touch the mat. 

🐾 MADE OUT OF DURABLE MATERIAL -Our dog cooling mat is made out of durable material so it will last a long time.

🐾  AVAILABLE FOR ALL SIZES -It's available in a variety of sizes to make it perfect for every single dog breed.


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