Dog Leash Set

Did you know? Short leads that attach to your dog’s collar can cause damage to your dog’s neck if they do too much pulling while on your daily stroll. If the collar is too tight it can potentially cut into your dog’s neck cause or can lead to other potential injuries that could even load to an infection.

The Solution? Instead of using a short lead that attaches to your dog’s collar use this lead and harness suit that is designed for your dog’s comfort while walking. Let your furry best friend feel as relaxed as ever while you take them for their much-needed exercise. Be content in knowing that your dog has the freedom to roam around with no restraint and the fact that you have full control over them to make sure they don’t go anywhere they aren’t supposed too!

The harness is simple to attach to your doggo, simply place both the holes at the bottom of their front paws and clip it together around their back to attach it to their chest. It’s made out of very durable and super soft high-quality nylon material that is very easy on your dog’s skin. It also uses a reflective print pattern so that in dark areas it’ll reflect light off of it to make it easier for you and everybody else to see your furry friend. You can also keep your dog on the leash for longer than usual because of the fact that this lead is longer than most at a decent 47 inches long!

HIGH-QUALITY TOUGH MATERIAL THAT FEELS GREAT ON YOUR DOG’S SKIN - Thanks to the high-quality nylon that the lead is made out of you will not need to worry about your dog’s skin getting potentially damaged. Also because of the way it’s made you will not need to worry about it breaking or being damaged from simply taking your dog for a walk.

AVAILABLE IN 7 COLOURS – It’s available in seven different colours so you can customise it to be the perfect colour that suits your furry friend.

ADJUSTMENT BUCKLE TO GET PERFECT FIT – You can use the adjustment buckle on the side of the harness to get the perfect fit that will make your next dog walk a dream for your best friend.

REFLECTIVE MATERIAL – At night you’ll never be able to miss your dog because of the powerful reflective material that’s in the middle of the lead.