Easy Squeeze Pooper Scooper

Product Details

Do you have a dog that likes to leave a lot of waste everywhere? It sometimes can be a very big pain when you have to keep on picking up lots of poo, bending down hurting your back all the time can make you want to leave little landmines all over your garden. Especially for people that are older or that have certain back problems tidying up after their dog’s waste isn’t the most pleasant activity that people love doing with their dogs. You may pick up the waste with your hands in plastic dog bags or with gloves, however they are still not as clean as you may think as it can still spread amounts of bacteria onto your hands. If you place your hands or face close to your dog’s waste then you might be exposed to diseases that can be damaging to a load of people. 

Now, you will never have to face these problems again as our Pooper Scooper does this all for you without you having to touch the poop with your own hands. It comes with a grip that goes around all the poop after you place a bag around the grabber, then you just grip the edge of the bag that hasn’t been affected and lift it out.


LIGHTWEIGHT PLASTIC – The plastic is very lightweight and is durable you can quickly rinse the grabber without damaging the tool in any sort of way.

ANTIMICROBIAL COATING – This device also using anti-microbial material on the plastic that gets rid of all sorts of smells and can easily block any type of bacteria from staying on the Poop Grabber.

GREAT DESIGN– We have small and large variants of this grabber, the small version is at a measurement of 8.5*7.5*27.5cm while the large version is 13.5x12.5x60cm.