Foldable Circle Cleaning Hose

Do you ever clean your dog and struggle to clean them properly due to them moving around too much? Cleaning your dog fully is a very gruelling task especially after they have just been on a long muddy walk. For most dogs their least favourite time is when they have to jump in the bath, it’d be very ideal if there was a way to clean them effectively without them having to be in the bath.

The solution? This foldable cleaning hose for all types of dog breeds will get rid of every single piece of dirt that is stuck to your canine in less than a minute! All you need to do is attach it to any garden hose and it will shoot out of a tonne of different holes too hit hard to reach areas. In order to practically clean your dog apply your favourite dog shampoo and then just turn the hose on while proceeding to place the hoop around your dog’s body. 


EFFECTIVELY CLEANS ALL YOUR DOG QUICKLY – Thanks to the fact it uses a hoop around the whole dog’s body it can easily clear any sort of dirt quicker than you can do in any type of bath.


FOLDABLE – This device is foldable, so you can easily fold it and take it anywhere you want. It won’t take up much room either.