GoPro Dog Harness

Product Details

Nowadays many individuals have Dash-Cams in their cars in case there is ever an issue on the roads. The same concept applies to the GoPro Dog Harness, now when on the streets walking your dog, you will always have live footage from your dog's perspective.

 *Please note that a camera is not included with the harness*

 Why should you choose the GoPro Dog Harness?

  • Control - Apart from being able to add a GoPro to the harness, the GoPro Dog Harness is no different from any other dog harness. The harness offers the best control for your dog and discourages pulling.
  • See what your dog sees - The option to add a camera on the GoPro Dog Harness allows you to view things as your dog would.
  • Security - The GoPro Dog Harness was designed for your dog's comfort and security. Being able to record your dog walks could be useful in the event of criminal activity and can often deter any potential dangers.