Gradient Rope Dog Leash

Product Details

This Gradient Rope Dog Leash is perfect for your adventures with your dog. The thick braided rope leash is durable, lightweight, and sturdy, designed to fit in your hand perfectly, offering maximum comfort and amazing grip. Enhance your dog's personality with the Gradient Rope Dog Leash. 

The idea of the Hawaiian Beach Color is to express a desire for free spirits and Bond, expressing our love for our pets.

 Why should you choose this Gradient Rope Dog Leash?

  • Durability -The thick braided rope allows the gradient rope dog leash to be extremely durable and tough and the rope will always hold its shape due to the thick braided layers.
  • Comfort -Not only is this gradient rope dog leash durable, the rope is always lightweight and sturdy, designed to fit your hand perfectly to allow for maximum comfort and grip.
  • Anti-Wear - The gradient rope dog leash will not break down over time, the material used prevents this. Regardless of if your dog pulls or bites this leash the gradient rope dog leash will always be useable and in the best condition.
  • Fit for dog collars and harnesses -  The gradient rope dog leash can be attached to any dog collar and harness with a buckle for the leash to attach to.