Pet Shaver

How does this device work?

Now you do not always need the use of any groomer to fully groom your dog, perhaps your pet’s groomer is away for a while and there’s no way for you to be able to cut them properly. Get this pet shaver today that uses certain clippers for you to be able to get the right level of fur off of your canine friend that you’ll prefer. It is completely rechargeable and there are sets for you to choose from that come with certain add like combs along with special scissors wish a design for your dog’s fur. You can use this rechargeable pet shaver with any dog no matter what size they are, just make sure you hold them still and comfort them so they don’t get scared.

What’s included in this purchase?

1x Pet Shaver

4x Clippers

1x Scissors

1x Charger

1x Comb