ULIGOTA Velour Dog Bed

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Product Details:

The ULIGOTA Velour Dog Bed provides more than simply the best possible comfort for your dog, as in every home, this dog bed is an incredible eye-catcher. Also, the luxurious padding of the ULIGOTA Velour Dog Bed cushion will keep your dog warm and comfortable at all times.


Small: 55x40x20cm (inner diameter about 30x20cm) (suitable for cats within 10kg)

Medium: 60x50x23cm (inner diameter about 35x30cm) (suitable for cats within 18 kg)

Large: 70x60x23cm (inner diameter about 50x40cm) (suitable for cats within 25kg)

Why should you choose the ULIGOTA Velour Dog Bed?

  • Easy to Maintain - We all know how much dogs like lengthy baths in puddles or muddy water. For many dog owners, partnering a dirty dog with a pastel-colored bed is the stuff of nightmares. But there's no reason to be concerned! The velour top is especially durable, and thanks to the sewn-in zippers, you can effortlessly wash everything at 30°C in the washing machine when it gets dirty.
  • Durable - The robust, high-quality materials used in this dog bed can withstand even the most energetic dogs. Even when your dog is being particularly boisterous, the non-slip underside ensures that the bed does not shift.
  • Comfort - The luxuriously soft padding, along with the high side boundaries, provides extreme comfort for your dog, as well as protection and security from cold draughts.


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