Portable Silicone Dog Bowl

When you take your dog on big walks they can often become dehydrated and can start panting quite easily, that’s why with our portable foldable bowls you can give your dog a well-deserved drink at any time. You can take this bowl with you anywhere thanks to the clip that you can place onto any part of your clothing or even your backpack.



·      MADE OUT OF FLEXIBLE & SAFE SILICONE – The bowl is made out of great high-quality flexible silicone that is free of any lead and anything that is harmful to animals.

·      CAN BE USED FOR BOTH FOOD & WATER – Even if your dog doesn’t need a drink, you can use this bowl for food when you’re on the move and don’t have chance to feed your dog from the comfort of their own home.

·      COLLAPSES TO MAKE IT EASY TO CARRY – You can collapse and unfold these silicone bowls to different levels depending on how much water or food you’re giving your dog. It’s 5 inches wide and is up to 2.1 inches in height. You can fit around 1 and a half cups of pet food inside it and can fit 350ml of water.

·      SAFE TO WASH – Make sure you don’t spread any germs for your pet by washing this product, it’s safe to wash in anywhere including the top rack of a dishwasher.