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Quick Drying Bathrobe Dog Towel

Why Use Our Quick Drying Bathrobe Dog Towel?

Our Quick Drying Bathrobe for Dogs dries your dog after they have had a wash or been out in the rain in the quickest and easiest way. The bathrobe goes around your dogs neck and stomach then will absorb all of the moisture in rapid fashion to get your dog dry in no time!

When trying to get your dog dry a normal towel just doesn’t cut it, you could be trying to dry them for a long period of time and their fur will still be soaking wet. Whereas with this absorbing bathrobe you won’t have to actively dry your dog it will just soak in as much of the water as possible. You don’t have to do anything, just relax and let your dog roam freely while he dries.

This dog towel is made out of polyester and absorbent fabric so you can keep using it on your dog whenever they get wet!

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