Rainbow Coloured Dog Leash

Product Details

This Rainbow Coloured Dog Leash offers the perfect blend of style and comfort. The ultra-soft, material ensures a comfortable and durable way to guide your dog whilst they explore. The Rainbow Coloured Dog Leash is designed to fit your hand perfectly to increase stability, control, and grip to prevent the leash from slipping out of your hand.


Small: 1.5 cm x 120 cm, Weight 50g            

Medium: 2.0 cm x120 cm, Weight 70g

 Why should you choose the Rainbow Coloured Dog Leash?

  • Stability -The rainbow coloured dog leash allows for great grip stability due to the materials used, this ensures the leash is less likely to slip out of your hand when your dog pulls. 
  • Control - The rainbow coloured dog leash is designed for you to be able to keep your dog under control when on a walk. The leash is long enough to allow your dog free movement while being able to keep your dog close to you and under your control.
  • Durability - The rainbow coloured dog leash is made from a very strong and durable material, making this leash perfect for any size dog.
  •  Vibrant colours - The rainbow coloured dog leash allows your dog to show off their personality and stand out from the crowd

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