Reflective Dog Harness Vest

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Keep your dog safe at any time of day while walking them out in public with this completely adjustable reflective dog harness. This is designed for your furry friend's comfort as it's adjustable buckles make it an easy fit. Make sure you don't potentially strangle your dog as well by having this harness as the use of leads attached to a dog's collar can lead to loss of circulation in breath.

Did you know? In the US alone over 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads, with most of them being accidents that have happened within the night time. It's important to keep your furry friend as safe as possible every time you take them out of the house near any roads. At night in dark areas it's 10 times more likely for a driver to not see your beloved animal, especially breeds with darker fur. Also in many sad cases, dogs have been let off their lead to roam around freely leading to a variety of accidents.

The Solution? This adjustable reflective harness vest has a reflective design that makes it easy for you and other people to see your pet in the darkness. Unlike collars, this harness has a design that makes it feel easy on your doggos body if they are pulling too much. The problem with collars is that when your dog starts to pull too much they can damage their neck and potentially cut the circulation of their breath off. This leads to many people letting their dogs off their leads around potentially dangerous areas like near roads or highways. However, with this harness, your friendly canine will feel more than comfortable while out on your adventures and you can keep them as safe as possible!

Dog Harness Sizes 444x444

✅MADE OUT OF SUPER SOFT DURABLE MATERIAL :Do not worry about your dog feeling uncomfortable in this harness as it's made out of breathable soft material that prevents any irritation to your pet's skin. There are no hard edges or big buckles that can potentially cause any strain on your furry friend, creating a perfect walk with no tugging or pulling.

✅OUTSTANDINGLY PRECISE ADJUSTABLE BUCKLES TO GET THE PERFECT FIT : There are two adjustable buckles on the harness for you to customize to create the perfect fit for your canine. This harness will never get too tight or too loose if it's the right size for your doggo as the buckles can get your harness to the precise size. 

✅REFLECTIVE SEALING THAT'S VERY BRIGHT:Thankfully this harness is sealed with reflective piping so that it's very easy to see your dog when light is shined onto them. This makes it very reflective of one of the most basic lights, so you can imagine how easy it'll be to see your hound on big walks in the night when you have a big light to view them with.

Reflective Dog Harness Reflector Vest 444x444

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