Retractable Circular Dog Leash


About the Retractable Circular Dog Leash

This retractable circle dog leash is the future of walking your dog. Taking your dog on a stroll has never felt better thanks to the ease of this retractable circle dog leash. It is so simple to walk your dog now, you could keep full control of your dog while having your phone in your hand as you can easily put this leash around your wrist thanks to its circular design.

The leash has a length of 3 meters so you can easily let your dog stroll forward while still making sure you have control of them. Not only does it have a long leash feature that is retractable, but it also has a torch attached to the front of the circular dog leash for nighttime walks. 

Why You Need This Retractable Circular Dog Leash:

✅ CIRCULAR DESIGN -The circular design on this brilliant retractable leash makes it easy to keep hold of your dog on a walk as it can easily fit around your wrist.

 FLASHLIGHT AT THE FRONT -This leash has a flashlight at the front that you can turn on easily, it's built into the leash and has a great range of distance so that you can see in front of you no matter how dark it is.

✅ 3 METRE LONG LEASH -Retractable leash that allows you to have full control of your dog, it even has a half lock feature where you can stop the leash at a certain distance to keep your dog at the range you would like.