Retractable Dog Leash

Easily control your dog while also letting them move about freely with our amazing Retractable Dog Leash that has a great amount of flexibility and is simple to use. It comes in three different colours and two sizes; each size has massive lengths one of 3 metres and the other being 5 metres. 


·      MADE OUT OF STRONG NYLON MATERIAL – This leash is made out of strong nylon material to make sure you can keep good control of your dog no matter on what their size is. It doesn’t twist at all and for dogs who like to bite the leash all the time then you don’t need to worry about it breaking as it is chew proof.

·      BUILT EFFICIENTLY WITH LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME – The handle and build of the leash is made lightweight with a well-made handle to ensure you can keep a good grip at all times.


·      EASY TO USE MECHANISM – The device has a design to make it easy for the dog owner to control their animal, it allows you to switch between each mode swiftly. You won’t hurt your dog by locking the leash to keep control of them when coming in contact with other dogs.