Retractable Two-Tone Dog Leash

Product Details

This Retractable Two-Tone Dog Leash allows your dog plenty of room to explore. The strong traction belt leash has amazing sturdiness and the handle is designed for comfort and intuitive handling with an easy-to-reach and use break button.  


 3 meters: shell length: 14cm, shell width 8.5cm, shell thickness 3.2cm, weight 123g
 5 meters: shell length: 17cm, shell width 9cm, shell thickness 3.8cm, weight 192g

Why should you choose this Retractable Two-Tone Dog Leash?

  • Extendable and retractable Leash -The retractable two-tone dog leash allows your dog to explore freely with the extending leash. Alternatively, if you want your dog by your side the retractable dog leash will prevent them from wandering off.
  • Durable traction belt - The retractable two-tone dog leash uses a strong and durable traction belt, this prevents the leash from breaking when extending and retracting the leash.
  • Comfort - The retractable two-tone dog leash is designed to be comfortable and fit your hand perfectly, the handle allows for intuitive handling when walking your dog and the break button is easy to find and reach with your thumb.
  • Support - The thick extendable leash makes the retractable two-tone dog leash perfect for bigger dogs who wish to explore and sniff around as there is no fear of the leash breaking.