Rottweiler White Ceramic Mug 11oz

Enjoy a hot beverage with man's best friend right across your mug. If you are a lover of Rottweiler's or know a Rottweiler enthusiast then this mug is made especially for you or as a gift for a true friend. This white ceramic mug is very durable and is ideal for any cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate you may have. 

This mug is 3.75 inches in height and is 3.15 inches in diameter making it perfect for any beverage. Use it for yourself or make a cup of anything for a guest that is a Rottweiler admirer!

  • THERMAL INSULATION- This Rottweiler mug keeps in all the heat of the beverage inside, ensuring that it stays warm for a long period of time. The pockets of air in between the ceramic slows down conduction ensuring a warm beverage.

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