Snuffle Ball Dog Toy

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Product Details:

The Snuffle Ball is a one-of-a-kind calming enrichment dog toy that completely reinvents the classic dog toy. It works by stimulating your dog's brain as they search every nook and cranny, surveying every small detail for hidden treats. This mental stimulation helps to stimulate your dog's brain in the same way that learning a new trick or discovering new smells on a walk does. This boosts their IQ and awareness whilst reducing their anxiety of the world around them over time.

Key Benefits:

🐾  ECO-FRIENDLY- The Snuffle Ball Dog Toy is made from soft fleece fabric felt and pet safe upcycled materials, making it both soft and environmentally friendly.

🐾  INCREASE IQ AND AWARENESS - The Snuffle Ball allows your dog to increase brain activity by exercising the brain, allowing them to hone on their mental ability, increasing mental stimulation for your dog.

🐾  FUN PLAY AND SNUFFLING TRAINING - The multiple pockets inside the body of the snuffle ball allow you to hide treats, encouraging your dog to smell them out and find them.

What's Included In The Package:

1x Snuffle Ball Dog Toy



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